Coast Guard Loran Station Hokkaido Japan circa 1970's

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

More Photos of the Loran Sta Gang!

Seaman Pewitt and Seaman Huth

MK3 Jerry Arnold a Bat - game against local Japanese!  
ET3 Dave Masinter (1/6/1976)

The Gangs All Here! Photos

ET3 Nixon
ET3 Ligon in the Timer Room
MK2 Mogford on the Mound  

LORAN Station Hokkaido Dragon's Head Patch

Ltjg Ron Borison - Editor of this Blog! Circa 1977

Then LTJG Ron Borison - Commanding Officer of LORSTA Hokkaido - 1976 thru 1977.  Yep - that's right it's me - yours truly.  Notice the Japanese license plates on my car.  They drive on the left side of the road in Japan.  Photo compliments of Martin Swords.   Thanks Martin!!

LORAN Transmitter X-Ray Exposure

A Final Report on LORAN Transmitter X-Ray Exposure has been published.  
It's entitled: 
Personnel Radiation Exposure
Associated with X-Rays Emanating from U.S. Coast Guard LORAN High Voltage Vacuum Tube Transmitter Units 
Here is the link:

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Shishi Hiromichi - Station Cook & Mr. Oba - Interpreter circa 1990

                                               Shishi Hiromichi - Station cook - Deceased
                            Mr Hiromichi was aboard since the construction of the station

                                                           Mr. Oba - Interpreter 1990

LORSTA HOKKAIDO as Seen From Google Earth!

LORSTA HOKKAIDO as seen from Google Earth!